Saturday, December 23, 2006

Stock Market Theory

How many of us have ever tried to find out how the SENSEX is calculated? Hardly 1 in 100! Most of us are always worried about our own stocks and their future behavior, but yeah at the end of the day most of us do try to have sneak on the behavior of SENSEX, but nothing moves ahead from just a "Sneak".

Well, in case you fall into the above category, then here is your chance to get your theory upgraded. This is that part of year when everyone is in the party mood, relaxed and there is genuine good feel, and the global markets tend to remain on the slower side. So why not take this opportunity to just escape a little from trading and get your theory on the right track!

We really don't plan to re-invent the wheel! There are already good sites on the web that explain the theory behind the working of the stock market in a really good way. What we suggest is google out the concept for which you feel that you are weak at.

To just kick start the process for you here are some of the links: -


For Moving Averages -

For Investing Basics -

For P/E Ratio -

For Share Teminology -

We will keep updating this article with new and interesting links as we come across them.
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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Know more about STuNNets

We believe that "Presentations" are one of the best ways to get things conveyed. Now you can know more about us... Just check out some of our presentations at

You can either use the "stunnets" tag to search us on slideshare or you can directly click on the following link

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Technology behind STuNNets

STuNNets is pure software based stock price prediction system. The enabling technology behind STuNNets is "Neural Networks".

Neural Networks are nothing but mathematical concepts that emulate the human brain, but the trick lies in creating the right kind of "Brain" using Neural Networks. At STuNNets, through extensive research, we have been able to create this "Brain", which behaves like that of a human being. That is, like a normal human being who first enters into market with no or very little knowledge about stocks and then learns from his experiences over the period of time, the same process takes place in our software programs. While the human being may take years to become a Stock Market Guru, this process in STuNNets is very fast paced and time is reduced from years to months!
STuNNets being a dedicated program can be scaled and replicated to any extent, thus it has the capacity to cover all the stocks that are present on an exchange and even all the exchanges of the planet, thus surpassing every human capability! This is STuNNets for you, at your desktop.

STuNNets pioneers a new era on the WEB, the era of Artificial Intelligence. It is expected that more application based on the concept of Artificial Intelligence are going to enhance the user experience. So be the first to exploit the early bird advantage!

Want to more on Neural Networks:-
Want to more on Artificial Intelligence:-

Friday, September 22, 2006

Dalal Street (BSE) And More On STuNNets....

Finally, Bombay (Mumbai) is on the STuNNets. Yes, we have now upgraded ourselves to give predictions for Bombay Stock Exchange, The Dalal Street. User from India and from across the world who is interested in the volatile Indian Market can now search across the STuNNets database to find, how their stocks are going perform in the future! We hope that our presaging helps you in increasing your ROI!

Not only its the BSE, there is lot of more to be discovered on STuNNets. There is an almost complete revamp of User Interface, especially that of the main result page. From the previous (A Geeky Looking) UI, we have helped STuNNets evolve into a friendlier and more accessible. The UI now shows previous price trends of your stocks. And the best part, we also state our previous predictions; this will help you in easy evaluation of our quality of service! There is lot to discover on that page!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

BSE, NSE, NYSE...where are they????

Phew!... The world wants more! Well its good to find that people are hungry... As of now we just want to say:- "Guys we are working on this aspect and soon we will be having releases for BSE, NSE, NYSE and possibly all the exachanges which are present on this third rock from the sun. "
Till then keep using STuNNets and keep sending your comments and reviews. This will help us improve on other aspects of STuNNets as well!
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Friday, June 09, 2006

STuNNets is born

STuNNets, after a long fight is on the web. After all the initial hiccups and stumbles, is finally up.
Let me take this moment to tell you how it all started. Three computer science graduates, Ajit, Nishant and of course I (Ankur), started this as an experimental project back in january 2006, in order to get clear understanding of working and capability of neural network. For this dream to materialize all of them had to take a tough decesion and that was december 2005 when all of them left their respective jobs and with the start of the new year, the foundation bricks were laid.
With lot of re-discoveries the neural network engine, the brain of STuNNets, was created back in mid April. The results that came were beyond our expectation and we took the decision of having a web avtar of STuNNets.
Since then we have been working on two projects, one is our neural network engine which we constantly fine tune so that we have better predictions and second is the development of the website for STuNNets.
Well today we are on the web and this new dish is finally on the Internet platter!
We hope u will like it!
So Start STuNNing!